Personalized Grand Area Tour!

Our tailored Big Picture first approach offers a grand tour of the areas that might be of interest to our prospective clients. Most realtors show homebuyers select houses with a primary focus on trying to match exactly what the homebuyer is looking for in a house. We want to find you a great home and address everything that is relevant and important to your and your family's lifestyle in a neighborhood and town!


Prior to the Tour, we will interview you to find out what is relevant and important to you and your family:

  • in a neighborhood
  • in regards to commuting
  • with schools (private and public), parks and playgrounds
  • convenience and type of shopping, grocery and services used
  • interest for restaurants, entertainment, recreation, exercise, land or water activities
  • preferences to demographics, neighborhood field, homeowners associations, clubs and volunteer organizations
  • desired styles and values of real estate, size of lots, views, and microclimates

We, then take you on your Customized Grand Area Tour. We are not afraid to give you candid input on the not so pretty underbelly of given communities. Something about the process of home buying and relocating your family can be daunting, this way is extremely helpful, so you don't find yourself viewing properties that you don't want to see, in neighborhoods that won't work well for your lifestyle. Save time and energy with your busy life. And, it's fun! 

If you are in a rush or have a necessity to find a house quickly, please let us know and we will show you houses right away. We will tailor our search to best fit your needs and requirements while ensuring you have all the information needed to make the best home choice for you and your family.

We have found that for most clients, once we've taken a tour, not only do we identify preferred areas but also eliminate areas based on the subjective preferences from the research and collaboration from the above information. If we happen to find a house on the 1st outing – we are all happy. However, identifying the profile that suits you / your family best creates the best possible home buying matches. This has been a very successful system for us and our clients to focus on all parts of what's involved in purchasing in Marin.

To schedule a Grand Area Tour, please contact James Nead 707-508-7815. If you don't reach James right away, call or text Jeff Sterley 415-359-4871 OR Click HERE to Schedule. 

We look forward to customizing a tour and property search for you to successfully find not only your next home but a neighborhood and town you truly enjoy living in. 

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